Friday, May 20, 2011

The 11th Hour

I dont really know what to call this. Its not an album, its not a mixtape, its not a EP. I guess you could just say its a peice of me.

I like to think ive been doing this music shit for quite some time now & have made a pretty steady progression in what i like to think is the right direction.
Theres been alot of blood sweat tears hate & bullshit thru out the years, but ive stuck with it & this is where its got me.
For those of you that have been around for long enought to know, Nikki Montana started out as a wildout machine gun rap crazy lyricist who somewhat burst onto the scene & let off a few clips & then gapped it as quick as she came. I guess a mixture of being young & troublesome will do that to you, aswell as a heap of other shit

In the last 5 years, ive had a baby, calmed down, grown the eff up , & just did wat ive had to do. With life experience comes wisdom i spose & this has shown in my music, but in the process ive written off a whole lot of potentially good material, i guess u could say, u live & u learn, practise makes perfect n all that.

The 11th Hour was going to be the name of a Mixtape i was going to drop in 2007, but because i wasnt in a happy place with my music i made song after song n canned them all. Blessing in disuise really. We'll see if they turn up in the archives sumhere along the line lol. I thought id use the title now becoz it seemed to be fitting in nicely with everything else i had planned for this project.

After living in Rewa for 3 years i moved back to CHCH a couple weeks before the Big Earthquake and ive stayd here since. All the songs on The 11th hour have
been written while ive been home.. I like to think that since 'The Epiphany' ive progressed into a realer state, where i can channel my emotions better on a track. Theres alot of reasons behind "the 11th Hour' title, If u have been in CHCH at any time in the last 6months or so youll know it definately feels like the 11th hour here. I had also contemplated giving up rap so in some ways it was the 11th hour for my rap days. Its only been really recently ive decided theres far better things to come so theres no way i could throw rap away right now. I gotta thank the homies for that. If there wasnt a sudden influx of dope shit coming out of NZ i think i would pretty much be a goner lol. Its also a pretty funny coinsidence that i decided to drop The 11th Hour the day before sum dudes predicting the worlds gonna end. So if this is the last shit u read..See u on the other side. :P

Anyways, imma end up this novel. Im just doing my thing, hope u can enjoy it, and hopefully youll hear something better from me real soon.
All the tracks are mixed by me, so it is what it is. Big shouts out to DMAIN EVENT for the recording time, Tys Koma & SMV for the raps & Pest5 for the artwork
Also Beans, E one, Exile, Double N, Nigel Childs & DMAIN EVENT for the beats.

Love my fams hardout, love to all my sisters, and love to the homies doin it big right now, thanks for the inspiration!
R.E.S, Silverback Gang, Villains, Statehouse, MTC.

Also to the people who put me on in the first place, Elz, Pete, The Disruptiv Fams. Thanks <3

I always felt bombarded with expectations & all i ever tried to do was live up to them, it didnt work out the way i wanted but im happy with where im at now,
shit aint perfect but its sure is gettin there.